PASA Digital for 2020-2021
The PA Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education (BSE) announces Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM®) Alternate Assessment System Consortium will serve as the PASA assessment and vendor for the 2020-21 testing cycle. For the 2020-21 school year, all PASA enrollment and test administration functions will be completed / provided through the DLM PA site. The PA DLM site is not active at this time but the field will be made aware when it occurs.

Please see the 2020-21 PASA Training Calendar for details on required training and registration information: 2020-21 PASA Training Calendar

The PASA Digital site is now closed to assessors. PASA Assessment Coordinators will have continued access to certain historical data on the PASA Digital site through February 28, 2021. Again, all updates to student enrollment and test administration will be completed via the new DLM site. Likewise, all PASA enrollment and test administration training for the 2020-21 school year will be provided via the DLM site. The BSE and PaTTAN will inform the field on specific PASA training requirements this year pertaining to the new DLM assessment system.

What continues to be available for the PASA AC through February 28, 2021?
  1. The ‘Data Downloads’ area will remain open for PASA ACs to access the following information:
    • 2019 Accounts and Records: PASA ACs will be able to download a record of assessors associated with their testing site in 2019-20. This information can be used to create the User Template within the DLM Kite system.
    • Previous Score Reports: Summary score reports from 2019 and earlier will be available here.

  2. The ‘Students’ tab will also be available to PASA ACs to view 2019-20 student enrollment rosters. While edits can no longer be made to this data, it may serve as a tool to cross reference when completing student enrollment in the new DLM system this year. Individual student score reports from 2019 and earlier can also be accessed within the student information tab. Although some students were able to complete the assessment in 2020 prior to the COVID-19 statewide assessment cancellation, individual student score reports were not able to be provided for these students.
What continues to be available for the PASA Assessor?
  1. Assessors interested in obtaining information on students assessed in prior years must contact his/her PASA AC. The information available to the PASA AC is identified above.
The entire PASA Digital site is scheduled to become inactive on February 28, 2021. All data will be archived on behalf of the Bureau of Special Education. Any service provider needing student specific information after this date must contact the Bureau of Special Education.

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