Student Score Reports

Student scores are now reported as scale scores instead of percent correct or total correct scores. Scale scores range from 200 to 400 for Tier 1 tests and 400 to 600 for Tier 2 tests. These scale scores are associated with the performance categories (Emerging, Novice, Proficient, Advanced) based on a standard setting completed by a group of special education, general education, and content area teachers and administrators from across the state. The standard setting allows scores for students taking the PASA to be aggregated with scores for students taking the PSSA for accountability purposes.

Performance categories, scale scores and the number of items answered correctly with and without assistance are provided in a Student Score Report generated for parents by PASA and mailed to LEAs in the fall following the test administration. A guide to interpreting the student score reports is available below.

Guide to Student Score Reports.

Guide to Student Score Reports.

Additional Languages
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