PA Alternate Eligible Content

In an attempt to increase access to the general education curriculum for all students in the state of Pennsylvania, teams of special education, general education, and content-area teachers along with university faculty and other community members across the state engaged in a collaborative effort to develop Alternate Eligible Content (AEC) in reading, writing, mathematics, and science.

The AEC which follow represent a reduction in breadth, depth, and level of complexity of the Eligible Content such that it is appropriate for the students with the most severe cognitive disabilities while still ensuring access to the general education curriculum.

While the AEC do not replace the standards in any subject, they do serve as guidelines for teachers as they plan academic content instruction for students with significant cognitive disabilities. These content standards do not specify the accommodations that may be necessary for the unique learning needs of this student population and do not preclude the instruction of non-academic skills. They are meant to help teachers plan instruction aligned to state academic and content standards and complement the teaching of functional life skills.

A series of webinars related to a statewide initiative to expand the knowledge and skills of educators to support instruction of the AEC can be found on the PaTTAN website.

Click the links below to access the PA AEC for a specific content area and grade level.

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Reading      Writing
Grade 3 Reading AEC      Grade 3 Writing AEC
Grade 4 Reading AEC      Grade 4 Writing AEC
Grade 5 Reading AEC      Grade 5 Writing AEC
Grade 6 Reading AEC      Grade 6 Writing AEC
Grade 7 Reading AEC      Grade 7 Writing AEC
Grade 8 Reading AEC      Grade 8 Writing AEC
Grade 11 Reading AEC      Grade 11 Writing AEC
Reading AEC across the Grades      Writing AEC across the Grades
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Grade 3 Math AEC
Grade 4 Math AEC
Grade 5 Math AEC
Grade 6 Math AEC
Grade 7 Math AEC
Grade 8 Math AEC
Grade 11 Math AEC
Math AEC across the Grades
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Grade 4 Science AEC
Grade 8 Science AEC
Grade 11 Science AEC
Science AEC across the Grades

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